Who are some good motivational speakers on the topic of leadership?


I am looking for some videos or names of motivational speakers who specialize in the topic of motivating leaders to be… well, leaders. I plan to show this video in a managers meeting at work with intent to motivate fellow employees in supervisory positions to be better leaders.

Does anyone know of any good videos for this? Or know of any speakers who are especially good on the topic of leadership?

What steps or preperation does a union leadership has to do before going on a strike?

I have to a discussion in my business class. I am trying to come up with some more idea. I am trying to figure out what could be the things that should be done before the a union goes into strike, I am looking for steps on both managment side and union leadership side. As of right now I have to basics like giving enough time for a response, counter offers and make just demands.

Just trying to find some step by step information. Thanks in advance