What happens with the 2nd mortgage when I give the 1st mortgage holder a deed in lieu of foreclosure?

I am unemployed and cannot pay the mortgage payments. I have the home on the market but it will not sell for the loan amount. I was thinking of giving the 1st mortgage holder (80%), a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Will the second mortgage holder (20%) be able to get any money or be able to file a judgment against me as home owner? I live in the State of Arkansas.

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What happens to your credit score if you pay off all your debt and never get another credit card?

I have a tremendous amount of bad debt. Almost 2000 dollars. If I were to pay it all off to 0 would it raise my score or just keep it from getting lower? I have no intention to EVER EVER EVER have another credit card. my credit score is in the low 500s what will happen if I pay off all debt and do nothing to raise my score?

What happens to my car loan if my co-signer files bankruptcy?

I have a car loan of about $ 10,000. I got this loan about 9 months ago. I am just wondering how it will affect me if my co-signer files bankruptcy.
The car is in my name and she is the co-signer. So with all this new stuff I know does this mean they can come take my car too? Even though I make the payments .

What happens if a loan rejection happens after the option period is up and an offer is already made?

I heard FHA loans can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to approve. If our option period is 10 days from today, and we get rejected for our loan 15 days from now, what happens? Do we just lose our earnest money and that’s it? Or is it a more serious problem, as we’ve already made an offer because we were preapproved?