What happens with the 2nd mortgage when I give the 1st mortgage holder a deed in lieu of foreclosure?

I am unemployed and cannot pay the mortgage payments. I have the home on the market but it will not sell for the loan amount. I was thinking of giving the 1st mortgage holder (80%), a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Will the second mortgage holder (20%) be able to get any money or be able to file a judgment against me as home owner? I live in the State of Arkansas.

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2nd mortgage Foreclosure: How long is the delay to put it on your credit?

We paid off a 2nd mortgageforeclosure before it went through. We continued to pay on our first mortgage with no problem. The attempted forclosure was not on our credit report until we refinanced with a new mortgage company. Is this fair? It looks suspicious that it only appeared on our credit after we refinanced with a new company. We understand that business is business but it seems that they were fine with everything until we pulled our mortgage from them and went with another company.

What happens to a second mortgage when a home is purchased at a foreclosure auction?

I am going to bid on a house at foreclosure and it has a 1st mortgage of $ 280K and a second of $ 70K. The lender on the first two mortgages is Decision One Mortgage. The lender at foreclosure is Countrywide. Does this mean that if I buy this house at foreclosure that I will own additional money to the second mortgage or just the first mortgage and back taxes?