What course can I take during my 4 month holiday to equip me with skills of trading and doing business online?

There is alot of business which goes on online. I have a 4 month holiday. I wonder if I can take a course that will equip me with skills to trade and do business online. Internet will soon become big business in my country after 2 undersea fiber optic cables are complete. I want to be competitive in all that business. What sort of course should I take for those 4 months?

What are some good movie scenes that illustrate business management concepts?

I’m doing a project for a management class where I need 5 good movie scenes that illustrate business management concepts. Ideally I am looking the name of the movie, the description of the scene, and the management concepts or relation to them in the scene. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!

Is it possible to take a 200k loan and buy a 100k house?

Some loan office told me to take a loan and it’s at 200K. I found a house at 100K and is just planning to buy that. It’s a 2 rooms and 1 bathroom house. With the other 100K, I’m going to invest it and collect on the interest. Is it possible of me to do that? O also, I want the other 100K because like my mom and dad, they didn’t have any money at all in the bank or what so to pay their house so they had to sell it. Now if I had that extra 100K invest, I’m going to get at least a bit of % back right. Also if inflation happens, I can be able to use the other 100K to pay off the mortgage

Anyways, can anyone tell me about this? New to the game.

9$ an hour and is getting about 30 hours a week.
Girl make about 9$ an hour also and about 30 hours a week also. Can we make it and is that loan possible or do I have to get a 200K house? Thanks for the help guys.