Financial Management

Financial Management Made Simple

Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on the advancement of technology. In order to make your business run smoothly and keep up with the times, investing in a business management software is a necessity. There are countless numbers of programs available to the public that will benefit your business and business management immensely. Microsoft GP is a great tool for any and all small to medium size business owners. It’ll make your life a whole lot easier and keep everything organized. It makes the most complicated tasks simple and easy to understand.

You’ll have complete control over your finances and you’ll optimize your growth. Microsoft Dynamics GP will save you money because it maximizes profitability and increases your customer satisfaction. You’ll be increasing your business. You’ll be making strategic decisions with Microsoft Dynamics GP that will be automated, customizable and integrated. Microsoft Dynamics GP makes financial management simple and easily applicable.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP will help you run your whole business with ease so that you can focus on the important aspects of running a business. It has features that help you with sales and human resources as well as project management. Other features include; analytical accounting, bank reconciliation, eBanking, eExpense Automated Expense Management, General Ledger, multi-currency management, payables management and receivables management.

Analytical Accounting

The benefits of analytical accounting is that it helps you analyze interpret and create reports that are all based on your company’s accounts. It also allows you to store information that cannot be calculated in financial terms, like labour hours. You can create budgets using analysis dimensions and compare your actual figures with budgeted figures. Everything is customized to fit your business and you needs


Brings all your accounting tasks and bank transactions online. It improves your productivity and cash management all within a secure environment. The accounts receive the transactions immediately instead of having to wait for days or weeks later.

eExpense Automated Expense Management

Allows you to create and submit expense reports over the internet. This can be done from anywhere at any time. The receipt is a picture, making this extremely easy and handy for any business owner. enables employees to create and submit expense reports via the Web at any time and from any

Payables Management

This feature allows you to track supplier documents and information. You’ll have unlimited addresses, discounts, payments, holds, returns, credit notes, and performance and history reports. This tool makes tracking all your documentation extremely easy.

Receivables Management

The receivables management tool allows business owners to track0custoemr related documents and information. You’ll be able to control your cash and generate invoices that are easy to create. It also allows business owners to create reports at anytime. Some of the reports available are turnover, gross profit and payment days. You’ll have flexible credit card limits and ability to deal with insufficient funds and interest charges.

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