How can I get a loan on a house or trailer?

How can I get a loan on a house or a trailer or a town house for no payment down. My husband and I are looking into the possiblity of getting a loan and how do we get the $ 8,000 from the government?
Please don’t advertise to me. I want to know what are the best banks in harrisonburg, va area to get a loan.

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3 thoughts on “How can I get a loan on a house or trailer?

  1. go with the town house. For a trailer you have to have $ down, and they depreciate so fast. Call a Realtor and ask. I am not sure how to answer the 2nd question

  2. No down payment = No loan. The days of the 0 down is long gone and that is what got us in to this housing mess we are in. They gave 0 down loans to people with no money and less than good credit. Guess what, they bailed on the house, because they had nothing to lose and the banks got stuck with them and the goverment had to bail the banks out and we are paying for that Fu@ked up mess. Trailers are not real estate, they are personal property. It sounds like your are just trying to scam the $ 8000 out of the goverment. The way you buy a home is save the downpayment and closing costs, pay your bills on time and have a good credit score, a job for 2 years or more.

  3. It is very difficult to get any kind of loan on such a large item without a down payment. The loan is going to have a very high interest rate, at the very least, and is going to take you a really long time to pay off. Is there anyway you could put forth some down payment on the house or trailer? This really would make it ten times easier to get approved.

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