What course can I take during my 4 month holiday to equip me with skills of trading and doing business online?

There is alot of business which goes on online. I have a 4 month holiday. I wonder if I can take a course that will equip me with skills to trade and do business online. Internet will soon become big business in my country after 2 undersea fiber optic cables are complete. I want to be competitive in all that business. What sort of course should I take for those 4 months?

What are some good movie scenes that illustrate business management concepts?

I’m doing a project for a management class where I need 5 good movie scenes that illustrate business management concepts. Ideally I am looking the name of the movie, the description of the scene, and the management concepts or relation to them in the scene. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!

How do I increase work performance and become a management quality professional?

I work in corporate America and have been a professional for 10+ years. I am a staff level employee and desire to apply for management level positions one year from now. My performance has been average to date; not bad but nothing impressive. I have been in my current job for nearly two years. At my current progression rate, I will never make management. I hope to build the reputation of a quality professional and establish myself as an employee ready for a management position.