What experience(s) has anyone had when using a credit repair/restoration company?

I am conducting research on credit restoration/repair companies and scam artists. Anyone who reads my posts knows that I am a proponent of credit restoration. And I support using the three legitimate credit restoration companies in the US. But I would like to hear of any experiences people have had with others. I do not want to hear about Lexington Law. I already have mountains of data on them, and not much of it good. I want to hear about all the others out there. Let me know who you used and what the results were. People who only want to post that credit repair is a scam, please do waste my time with your uneducated claptrap, I want legitimate answers only please.
Thank you for your answer, Rose. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

Lydia, I am in agreement with most of your answer, but I was just wondering what question are you answering? You posted it in the wrong place. Your answer has nothing to do with my question.

How will an increase in salary affect my credit score?

I understand that credit score isn’t necessarily based on income but here’s my situation. I have about 16,000 in revolving debt with a 600 credit score. My yearly income has recently increased 10 fold which obviously improves my debt to income ratio. How long after this increase should I see improvements in my credit score and by how much. Also what triggers the credit bureaus that this increase in income has occurred?