What does my credit score have to be to get a Walmart credit card?

I want to get a Walmart credit card…My credit score is not the best but not the worst either…it’s around 616. I dont want to apply and make it any lower unless I know I can get a card.

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Between technical and fundamental analysis in currency trading which one is your most concern between the two?

I am trading forex and so far practicing too much of the technical aspect of the trading. Until someday i realized that there must be something more better than what am i doing currently. And that is fundamental analysis. i want to know how many people believe in fundamental than technical

Has anyone ever used a credit repair company that works?

I am trying to buy another car but since my divorce my credit is bad. I am keeping up current payments on everything but I have a history of bad credit. Recently I was referred to a credit repair co. Do they work?

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Does anyone here invest in forex currency trading where you just invest and they trade it for you.?

I saw a few in a google search talked about 20% returns and stuff but they were not in the US. I don’t want to risk anything outside the USA. Please only reply if you have done it or are currently doing it. Please post links of anyone you recommend. thanks
As I said please don’t reply if you have no “DIRECT” experince with investing in one of these. I know the risk’s i’m looking for a ligitimate company that’s why I asked for someone that is doing it. I don’t have time to trade it my self I already trade futures this is for someone else that has an extra 50k to risk. That link doesn’t work to the blog.

2nd mortgage Foreclosure: How long is the delay to put it on your credit?

We paid off a 2nd mortgageforeclosure before it went through. We continued to pay on our first mortgage with no problem. The attempted forclosure was not on our credit report until we refinanced with a new mortgage company. Is this fair? It looks suspicious that it only appeared on our credit after we refinanced with a new company. We understand that business is business but it seems that they were fine with everything until we pulled our mortgage from them and went with another company.