Are there any good forex books by authors that actually make money on trading?

I’m after a book introducing me to the inner workings of Forex trading. I’ve taken a quick look at a few books, but they all appear to be written by people that make a living from Forex trading, rather than writing about how to do it & providing seminars?

When you Google or Wikipedia the authors, you don’t seem to find a lot of information about them, other than they have written a book!

Is my credit score weak because I only have 6 months of credit experience?

I got a letter back and my credit score is only 665. I only have 6 months of credit history, but all of my credit cards do have a pretty high balance, although I pay them all on time and I just opened an account with AT&T last month. Is my credit going to stay this bad as long as I keep a high balance on my credit cards? Or is it just high because I do not have a lot of credit experience?

How many times a day should I make a trade when trading forex?

I am going to turn 18 tomorrow and I’ve had a practice account for several months and have been experimenting with it all that time, trying different strategies and techniques and have found a way to keep on making small consistent profits. What I’d like to know is for when the time comes tomorrow to put in real money, what would be a recommended number of times I place a trade every day I trade forex to make small consistent profits? Good answers would be much appreciated. Thanks.