What type of loan do I need to purchase 5 acres of land with an older model mobile home on the land?

I can’t get a loan on the mobile home because of the age of it. I need a loan to buy the land and existing structures on the land – a mobile home and pump house.
I am currently living in the mobile home on the land and need the loan to buy it from the seller – currently my landlord because I am paying rent until I can purchase it.

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How exactly does a secured loan work?

If I got a secured loan against my home and I sell me home, do I have to pay my unsecured loan off when I sell my home? Or can I continue to have my loan and pay it off every month for the term of the loan?
No, I am not talking about a home equity loan. A secured loan against my home- do I pack that back when I sell my home or not?